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Welcome to Barking Chickens Farm website.  Please grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and visit for a while!


Barking Chickens Farm is a small hobby farm specializing in rare and unique Chicken breeds, operated by Diane and Mike.  In addition to the chickens, we have 7 Dachshunds, 1 German Shepard, and 2 Cats that provide lots of entertainment.

We are located in Northern Virginia, near Chancellorsville Civil War Battlefield area.  BCF was hatched in 2012 after raising a few commercially recognized egg laying Chickens. This led to an interest in raising historical and exotic breeds for our fun and enjoyment and eventually making them available to local poultry enthusiasts by participating in local Poultry Swaps.

A new experience in hatching fertilized eggs was soon realized, which led to a need for a larger incubator. We purchased a gently used cabinet incubator capable of hatching several hundred eggs at one time.  Hatching is still being completed for our local customers, but on a much smaller scale.

During the past two years, Diane’s old car accident injuries have worsened with back pain and limited movement for extended periods of time.  She is disabled with spine injuries from the accident, medically diagnosed chronic pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis.  This has resulted in designing innovative and specialized methods to ease the care and chores necessary to provide the chickens with an ultimate environment for their health and prosperity.  

It’s our desire to promote the continuance and availability of rare and unique chicken breeds within the US.  We strive to share them with as many people as possible, so others and generations to come can experience the joy of owning rare breed chickens, their unique characteristics, yummy fresh eggs, and most importantly their beauty!

Thank you for supporting our rare chickens breeding adventure. All proceeds go to the care and welfare of our beautiful rare chickens.

We are Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) approved Pullorum testers.

All of our eggs meet Salmonella Pullorum/Typhoid test requirements as negative.


Barking Chickens - Rare Breeds

Today, Barking Chickens Farm breeds and maintains several rare and unique chicken breeds.  We are active in selling hatching eggs on EBay and on Rare Breed Auctions. Chicks are available on rare occasion and we can custom hatch eggs on request.

Our Current Breeds include:

Barkers & Layers

Where Dogs Play And Chickens Lay!

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